Cassian Baliarsingh

A New York woman has been hitting the headlines after she reapplied for her own job after the company posted a job notification on LinkedIn with a higher salary.

Kimberly Nguyen, 25, based in New York decided to reapply for the job after the new job notification said that it would pay at least $32,000 more than she got for the same position.

Kimberly, through her tweets, said that she was shocked to learn that her employers would actually pay the new hire tens of thousands of dollars more than she was being paid for the same position.

Sharing her story on Twitter, Kimberly wrote, “My company just listed on Linkedln a job posting for what I’m currently doing (so we’re hiring another UX writer) and now thanks to salary transparency laws, I see that they intend to pay this person $32K-$90K more than they currently pay me, so I applied.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “If the difference were like $10K-$15K I feel like I’d be less upset. But I’ve been asking for a raise for months and they’re out here flaunting they’re willing to pay a new person at least $32K more than me for the same job.”

Her post has gone viral on Twitter with 12.3M views, 220.9K likes and 11.8K retweets.

Meanwhile, several women have raised the issue of pay gaps in the comment section and called for the urgent need of transparency in salary to stop discrimination of all categories.

A user wrote, “I found out that my male friend who was a department manager just like me made $15K more a year even though we had the same job. I went to the HR & complained & all they did was post signs everywhere saying telling people your salary was a firing offense.”

“Oh this thing happened in my ex-company. When we asked the HR why they were paying more to newcomers while not raising our salaries?, she said, ‘we have to pay that much to hire competent people,” shared another user.