Cassian Baliarsingh

Reports of mass layoffs by major tech companies like Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Meta have become a matter of serious concern for job seekers now. Thousands have lost their jobs and are making every effort to land a good and peaceful job.

Many job seekers have been badly hit and trying their best to reach out to potential recruiters through social media and other job portals. Meanwhile, in the midst of such depressing layoffs, a lucky woman has shared how she landed a new job with 50% hike, work from home (WFH) option in just three days after being fired.

Taking to her Twitter handle, the woman shared how she received a job offer. Her story has been going insanely viral. The Twitter user by the name babyCourtfits, shared that she was fired on Tuesday and landed a new job on Friday, just three days after, with more perks.

Taking to her Twitter handle, she wrote, “Life Update: I was fired on Tuesday, On Friday I got a job offer that pays me 50% more, WFH option and more PTO.”

She further wrote, “This is a reminder to always back yourself. Never let the opinions of others make you question who you are or should be. I’m saying this after letting myself wallow in self pity for several days.”

With over 7M views, the tweet has garnered over 147K likes, 5445 retweets and counting.

Social media users appreciated and congratulated her for the good news in the midst of the layoffs. 

A user wrote, “Yes yes yes! You deserve!” while another user wrote, “sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can come together. Congratulations.”