Jana chetana Yatra- a lip service: Cong

New Delhi: Dismissing L K Advani`s criticism of UPA government on corruption, Congress today dubbed his yatra as a mere "lip service" and an attempt by him to remain "afloat" in his party.

"Merely taking out so-called anti-corruption yatra is nothing but lip service…this is nothing but grand preaching without a millimetre of practice," Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said, reacting to Advani`s remarks at the conclusion of his yatra against corruption today. Accusing the government of lacking political will to fight graft, Advani said the only route to end corruption is through public awakening or a change of government.

He also said "the fog around India`s politics will not go automatically. It will go only by public awakening or by the change of government." Singhvi said Advani cannot escape the "inconvenient truth" that concrete anti-corruption measures have been taken not by the BJP but the Congress.

He cited dual tax avoidance agreement, RTI, bill on judicial accountability and the proposed public procurement policy as measures to tackle corruption. He described Advani`s yatra as "nothing but an attempt by him to stay afloat and remain relevant in his own party and keep dreaming of his personal agenda and ambitions."