Devbrat Patnaik

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and cricket great Imran Khan was shot in the leg at a rally Thursday, in what his supporters claim was an attempted assassination. 

Believe it or not, as uncanny or strange it may sound, but an astrologer in India had made a similar prediction about Imran Khan just two weeks ago. 

Issuing an ominous warning to the former PM of Pakistan, the astrologer had said last month (on Oct 14), “Dear Imran Khan, Aage Khatra Hai. Pakistan Ki Sadkon Par Khatra Hai. Jalson Mein Satark Rahein, Jail Adhik Surakshit Hai (Dear Imran Khan, there is danger ahead. There is danger on the roads of Pakistan. Be careful in the processions. Jail is more secure.” 

Well, exactly after 20 days, the prediction has turned out to be true. 

Today, a gunman opened fire when the ex-cricketer was giving speech to supporters at a protest march he was leading in Wazirabad of Punjab, Pakistan. 

A bullet hit Imran in his foot but fortunately he was okay while being taken to the hospital, said a senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Khan’s condition is stable and he is under constant supervision of the doctors.

Meanwhile, the man who shot at Imran has been nabbed. The arrested attacker Faisal Butt confessed to have committed the crime and said he could not tolerate what Imran was doing. “I wanted to kill Imran as he was misleading people. My target was only Imran Khan, nobody else,” he said. 

Reports suggest that at least one person was killed during the gunfire attack, while six others who sustained injuries are still under treatment. Soon after the incident, protests broke out across Pakistan in support of Imran Khan. A probe has been ordered by Punjab (Pakistan) CM Pervaiz Elahi to find if there are more persons involved in the attack.