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High school girl accurately predicts exam papers

New Delhi: Writing a story to soothe her nerves while preparing for her class X board exams, little did she anticipate that she would be ready to publish her first book at the young age of 15.

For Mumbai-based little girl Shreya Mathur, it was more than what she could believe when her leisure writing was picked up by Harper Collins to be published as a full fledged book.

"But Era Said", Shreya`s high-school inspired story of a school girl who can accurately predict question papers, is a humour-laced account of the twists and turns her life witnesses when people discover her special ability.

Now, Kanishka Gupta, her literary agent whom she found herself through the Internet, says the book is sure to attract young readers as also older ones who have a knack for humour.

"I started writing this story in February when I was preparing for my board exams, I used to write more for relaxation and not with the intent of sending it to a publisher, but when my friends read it they insisted I try to get it published," Shreya, who is now almost ready with her draft, told PTI on phone from Mumbai.

It was then that she searched for a literary agency she had read about in newspaper to send her first draft for consultation.

"What surprised me most was the fact that this was a high school girl, and she knew what a literary agency was and she actually contacted us with her draft on her part school drama, part fantasy. I found this staggering and enterprising for a 15 year old," says Kanishka of Writer`s Side agency, who helped the Mumbai girl find a publisher.

So, at an age when most of us would be happy to write a worthwhile essay, Shreya is months away from having a book to boast of.

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