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News Highlights

  • Munakka is extremely beneficial in weight loss and improving digestion.
  • It strengthens bone density and can help in improving sperm count in men.

A particular type of dried grapes or munakka is rich in multiple health-benefiting nutrients. From easing acidity problems to helping soothe the digestive system, soaked munakka are believed to be extremely beneficial for the digestive system, weight loss, and metabolism.

It is also good for managing hypertension and cholesterol levels. However, diabetics should consume in moderation. Here are a few benefits of this superfood that make it so important:

Aids weight loss

Munakka contains a good amount of dietary soluble fiber that controls overeating and keeps you satiated for longer. It also accelerates the process of digestion. Importantly, munakka is also packed with leptin, a fat-burning hormone that boosts metabolism.

Manages hypertension

These dried grapes are packed with resveratrol, a compound that curbs inflammation in the cells as well as clears the plaque in the arteries. It is also believed to help lower the bad or LDL cholesterol levels and widens the arteries, reducing the chances of heart issues.

Good for dental health

Munakka has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that heal and manage swollen ulcers and gums. Chewing 5 to 6 munakka daily may help reduce problems of bad breath and bacterial growth in the mouth.

Beneficial in gastritis and acidity

Munakka-soaked water can do wonders for the functioning of the digestive system. It has been known to give quick relief from regular stomach problems like gastritis and acidity. It balances the pitta in the body and gives a cooling effect.

Extremely beneficial for bone health

Packed with minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and folate, munakka is extremely beneficial for bone health as it improves bone density and provides relief in osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Treats erectile dysfunction

Munakka is an aphrodisiac that can cause infertility issues in males by increasing sperm count. Consuming munakka with milk every night may help men with erectile dysfunction.

(Disclaimer: This article is only for general information purpose. It is always advisable to consult a doctor/specialist for any type of related issues.)