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Have you seen the movie Vicky Donor? Yes, the movie where Ayushman Khurrana is convinced by Dr. Baldev, the owner of a fertility clinic and a sperm bank, about his sexual health and the advantages of donating sperm. Later the protagonist starts donating sperm at a local fertility clinic and gets handsome money. Vicky donated sperm just for money, but you can do it for far more than just money. Donating sperm can give you eternal satisfaction as you help a couple to enjoy their parenthood. Also once you think of donating sperm, it makes you generous.

You can also become a sperm donor and help couples enjoy their parenthood. The procedure for donating sperm is common and normal. This is also a safe and effective method for those who want to conceive a baby. The individual can choose to assist a female in conceiving a child on his own and can assist women who do not have a male partner but want a child or in cases where the couple is experiencing male infertility. 

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If you donate sperm to an official sperm bank, the bank reimburses you for each donation that passes the sperm bank's screening process. The payment made by the sperm bank usually covers the expenses and time spent by the man donating the sperm. The monetary value of sperm donation is low because the primary goal is to help others rather than to make money.

Only 5% of all male applicants who apply to be sperm donors meet the sperm donation criteria. The following conditions automatically preclude a potential donor from donating sperm:

Men with a family history of certain diseases (e.g., cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, etc.) are not eligible to donate sperm. Men who are homosexual or have had sex with other men are not eligible to donate sperm. Also, users of intravenous drugs are automatically disqualified. Men who have visited areas with a high number of reported AIDS cases and had sex with either women or men living there are barred from donating.

To donate sperm, an individual has to go through a number of tests that could take weeks to complete. As per the guidelines laid by the authorities, a donor has to go through Medical, Psychological, Physical, Genetic, and sexual evaluation. You can walk into any fertility clinic and get the tests done in order to start with donating sperm. You can check the below brief of all the evaluations required.

Age – Age is the most basic criteria for sperm donation. This age bracket lies between 18 to 39 years. However, some sperm banks also accept donations from persons in the age group between 18 to 34 years.

Medical History – The donor is evaluated on the basis of the complete medical and family history, especially if there is any genetic or hereditary disorder. 

Psychological Evaluation – The psychotherapist consults with a potential sperm donor about any psychological or emotional issues that may arise as a result of sperm donation. In addition, the medical professional evaluate the person's mental fitness to be a donor. The donor is asked a few questions, on whether he wants his information shared with future children or whether he wants these biological children to contact him. If the donor has a female partner, she is also counselled. 

Testing Of The Semen – Before becoming an official sperm donor, the individual must provide numerous sperm samples. These samples are evaluated in terms of quality, quantity, and movement. The fertility criteria for a man to be declared fertile include having a sperm count of more than 15 million per milliliter of a sperm sample. In addition, the sperm should have a normal structure and shape, with at least 40% of the sperm moving.

Physical Examination – A physical examination will be performed to confirm the donor's overall health. The donor is asked to provide blood and urine samples and will be tested for infectious or autoimmune diseases such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and syphilis, as well as blood group, blood count, blood sugar, and thyroid function tests.

Genetic Testing – A blood sample will be drawn to determine whether the donor is a carrier of any genetic disorder that could be fatal to the recipient or child. Knowing about the family history and racial background are also important criteria. This is because many diseases, such as sickle cell anemia in African-Americans, are racial in nature.

Sexual And Personal History – The man should provide a complete detailed history of his sexual activities till the current day. Any addictions like smoking, drug abuse, alcohol, etc. need to be assessed to see if the man is at any risk of developing an infectious disease or a chronic disease.

Once you pass all the tests and evaluations, you are all set to embark on your journey of helping people with their parenthood. You can visit any local sperm bank or fertility clinic to get started.

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