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Healthy bones are extremely important for your health. Minerals are already embedded in your bones from childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. You have achieved bone peak mass, once you reach the age of 30. 

It can be difficult to know where we can start in the beginning. There are lots of exercises to do and different types of equipment, and also have safety concerns with the types of equipment. 

There are two key terms to know rep and set. Rep is the repetition of a single instance of an exercise and a set is the number of repetitions performed subsequently. 

First Warm Up - Warm muscles are less inclined to injury. So try to do 5-10 minutes of warm-up like cardio or easy exercise to ease your higher level.

Start With A Simple Program - Your aim is to do a routine exercise which works on all muscle groups every alternate day. This helps you to build a strong foundation.

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Choosing The Right Amount Of Weight To Lift - Choosing the right amount of weight can be a task for all of us as a beginner. Lift weights that are not too light and not too heavy. It is a challenging effort that you can do with proper form without excess pressure. 

Focus On Form - To avoid injuries and get benefits from exercise, pay attention to your posture. Standing tall with chest lifted and abs should be tight is the standard posture for doing exercise, move slowly and remember to have a deep breath. During the hardest part of the exercise, exhaling, can help to fuel the moment. 

Give Yourself A Day To Rest And Recover - Do not try to do the same muscle exercise for 2 days in a row. This could harm your muscle in a bad way. Give yourself time to recover. You can do strength training by doing upper body one day and the lower body another day, and this is perfectly fine.

Changing Up Things - You can change your routine after six months, you can now try to lift more weight which can make it more difficult. Lifting the same weight and the same exercise routine for more than six months can not make changes in your body. You can modify your weight and change your form of exercise.

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