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Walking doesn't need any equipment or fees, the best is that it's free of cost. Walking is something we do automatically, it doesn’t need effort. Many of us don't know the benefits of walking.

But did you think about what happens if we stop walking and start demanding our brain and body to walk backwards? Not just a change of direction like actually walking backwards, It may also have additional health benefits.

Physical activities are not necessarily complicated whether you are daily active or not. Even a ten-minute walk can also be beneficial for health. 

When we start walking backwards, it takes our brain to make extra efforts to handle the demanding process of coordinating with the system. However, the increased level of challenges brings extra health benefits. 

One of the most important benefits of walking backwards is Improving stability and balance. Walking backwards is also beneficial for those with Knee osteoarthritis. It causes us to take shorter steps, leading to the improvement of muscular endurance for the lower legs while reducing the force of the lower joints.

Walking backwards is also beneficial for patients with neurological conditions. They used to identify and treat the balance and walking speed in patients. 

The benefits of changing directions are not therapeutic, But walking backwards moves leads to discovering various benefits. Energy expenditure walking backwards is 40 percent more than walking forward. 

How to get it started - 
Walking backwards is simple but not easy. So how can you add walking backwards to your exercise?

When walking backwards we fear crashing over things and falling over. So in the interest of safety, try to do it outdoors instead of indoors like in an open surroundings where you won't crash on someone.

Try to resist controlling your body and keep your head straight and chest upright while reaching back. Once you become more self-assured and confident walking backwards you can start to speed up this exercise. Just focus on multiple steps instead of long distances.

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