Hazares demand on Lokpal reasonably correct

Chennai: Describing fasting social activist Anna Hazare`s demand for a strong Lokpal Bill as "reasonably correct," the BJP on Thursday expressed its "sympathy" with him, saying that the Congress-led UPA has to understand the unrest against corruption.

"His fast-unto-death is a reaction to the strong reaction against corruption. The UPA has to understand the unrest against corruption in the country," BJP president Nitin Gadkari told reporters here.

"Our sympathy is there (with him). It is time we need a Lokpal and Lokayukta," Gadkari said.

72-year-old Hazare has been on fast-unto-death since Tuesday demanding a strong anti-graft legislation, saying that the proposed Lokpal Bill lacked teeth and demanding that a joint committee comprising representatives of government and civil society should be set up to firm up the bill.