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Guess what scares a woman driver?

London: Guess what scares a woman driver? It`s not heavy traffic or bad weather, but having her husband on board, a survey has revealed.

But, according to the survey, apparently most men are quite happy to be driven by their female partner. Only five per cent of men are sometimes not relaxed or never relax when their wife or girlfriend is behind the wheel.

In fact, the survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists in Britain has found that some 15 per cent of women drivers are sometimes not relaxed and about eight per cent never relaxed with men on board, the `Daily Mail` reported.

The poll of 520 male drivers and 480 women also revealed that almost twice as many male motorists say they are confident drivers compared to women drivers.

When partners drive out together, men are four times more likely to take the wheel than women. But when couples go out to the pub or to a party, it is usually the woman who drives home.

Also, many more women than men say that other drivers make them very nervous or a little nervous.

According to the survey, the least nervous and most confident drivers — both male and female — are in Yorkshire and Humberside. Meanwhile the least confident drivers are in north east England.

Finally, men and women are equally likely to admit to speeding, poor parking or losing their temper.

Neil Greig, policy and research director for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: "The findings are positive and dispel a lot of previously held misconceptions, particularly about women drivers.

"While women are still more nervous in certain environments, we encourage them to take the steering wheel more often, and to get as much practice as possible."

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