Ghalib, Tagore ballads strung together in Life@Space

Kolkata: In a unique fusion, the eternal ballads of Mirza Ghalib have been blended with the songs of Rabindranath Tagore to explore the deep inside of human passion and emotion in an audio cd, the first such experiment in the country.

"We have sought to show how both lyrics in different languages evoke similar human passion and emotion in human mind and how the language barrier ceases to exist beyond a point for a listener," eminent elocutionist Satinath Mukherjee said on the launch of the album Life @Space on Saturday night.

Writer Srita Banerjee, who wrote the script in the form of a radio drama with dialogue, monologue and recitations, said "the album for the first time puts the works of two literary geniuses of two different periods side by side and seeks to popularize Ghalib`s couplets more with the average Bengali listener, generally at home with Tagore`s poems, short stories and songs.

"I had drafted and struck down four five scripts before zeroing on the final one and this was liked by the artistes who performed including Satinathda," Banerjee said.

West Bengal Labour Minister Purnendu Bose, who was present at the launch of the CD, by Sare gama, said "this is a unique fusion in every way, a very novel and laudable creative bid and will help in popularizing Ghalib`s works in right perspective."