Odishatv Bureau

Ahead of Deva Snana Purnima, servitors of Jagannath temple carried out a secret ritual known as Senapati Lagi on Monday. The ritual, however, barred devotees from having darshan of the deities till 3pm as the four gates of the tmple were closed. However, the issue was resolved after Collector talked to servitors and asked them to reopen the Singhadwar.

Sources said, the temple remained closed for devotees in the morning due to the ritual. This led to resentment among devotees.  However, servitors opened Srimandir doors after having discussion with the District Collector.  As rituals were in progress, devotees finally had the darshan of Patitapabana and side deities.

It is learnt that the temple administration used to close Jagamohan door while servitors carry out the Senapata Lagi ritual so that devotes could worship the side deities. For the first time, four doors were closed today to perform the ritual. Meanwhile, the district administration claimed to have closed the doors of temple to control crowd. 

Daitapati servitor Nutan Das Mohapatra said, “Senapati Lagi ritual is performed by Daitapatis every year a day before Snana Yatra. We apply a paste made of Baula Katha to the entire body of the Trinity as part of our measures to protect the body of Lord Jagannath and His siblings from being hurt while being taken in Pahandi Bije to the Snana Mandap.”