Pradeep Pattanayak

With the Ganesh festival round the corner, preparation for the worship of the 'Remover of Obstacles' at pandals and houses is underway across the country. 

If you are preparing for the worship of the elephant god, you have to be careful about which idol you should bring home. Mind it, worship of the wrong type of Lord Ganesh’s idol would bring opposite results. 

There are different types of Lord Ganesh’s idols available in the market. Some are in standing posture and some in sitting, yet some are in sleeping posture and some in dancing. 

But the most important thing to keep in mind at the time of buying an idol for your house is the Lord’s trunk. 

You must have noticed that some idols have the trunks tilted towards the left and some curved towards the right. 

Before understanding it, let’s first understand the ‘nadi’ system of our body. The two main nadis are Ida and Pingala. While the former which starts at the Muladhara and ends at the left nostril, is associated with the energy of the moon, the latter, which flows on the right side and ends at the right nostril, is associated with the energy of the sun. 

A Ganesh idol with its trunk curved towards the right represents Pingala Nadi, associated with the sun. The Sun can create and destroy. So is the right-sided trunk Ganesh. It depicts aggressiveness. Such idols are called ‘Siddhi Vinayaka’. You should be careful enough while worshipping Ganesh idols with trunks curved towards the right. Worshipping of these idols should be done with strict adherence to all religious requirements. 

Any slight mistake in the worship of right-sided Lord Ganesh means inviting troubles. 

So, such types of idols are mostly seen in temples. The idol of the Lord worshipped at the famous Siddhivinayak temple is the right-sided trunk Ganesh. 

For worshipping Lord Ganesh at home, bring an idol with its trunk tilted towards the left. The left side represents Ida Nadi, associated with the Moon. The moon is cool. So is the left-sided trunk Ganesh. The left side also represents prosperity and material gains. 

Left-sided trunk Ganesh is also known for having the power of doing away with Vaastu problems in your houses. 

While bringing an idol of lord Ganesh home, besides keeping it in mind that the idol’s trunk should be tilted towards the left, you should also go for a sitting posture idol. It means He has come to your house to stay forever. In the case of pandals, standing posture idols are the best options.