Ratna Malini Pani

Thousands of devotees across the State congregated at Gopinath Temple in Sakhigopal of Puri to get a glimpse of Radha Pada on the auspicious occasion of Anla Navami on Wednesday.

Devotees queued up outside the temple from early dawn. Thousands of devotees rushed to get a view of Maa Radha’s ‘feet’ this year as the ritual was stopped for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The administration made elaborate arrangements to ensure the safety of the devotees during the festival. At least 20 platoons of police forces and 50 officers have been deployed on the temple premises to keep an eye on the movement of the devotees.

As per the ritual, the temple door was opened from night 1am. The Mangala Alati was performed at 1:30am. Later, from 1:30am-3am, Maa Radha was adorned in her special attire. Lord Krishna was also dressed in Natabar Besha.

First, the temple employees and sevayats got the opportunity to view the feet of Maa Radha at around 5am. Later, it was opened for the devotees from 6am.

Devotees queued up outside the temple and viewed the feet of Radha one by one. This will continue till 5pm in the evening, reports said.

Then, it will be stopped for an hour from 5pm-6pm and then resume again from 6pm-11pm. However, devotees will not be allowed to touch Radha’s feet this year.

(Reported by Madhusudan Mishra)