Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Deepak Parashar accepted that he once was romantically involved with Zeenat Aman.
  • He revealed how Zeenat was on the verge of breaking her relationship with Sanjay Khan when they met.

Zeenat Aman was the most glamorous actress ever to grace the screen of Bollywood. She was at the peak of her career when rumours about her affair and marriage with actor-director Sanjay Khan were going around. The Laawaris actress never confirmed these rumours. However, Deepak Parashar, her co-star and also a good friend who also was in a relationship with Zeenat Aman for a short time has now opened up about Zeenatji’s marriage and love life recently.

Talking to Siddarth Kannan, Deepak Parashar accepted that he once was romantically involved with the sizzling diva. Opening up about why he did not marry her, the Nikaah actor said, “Again the same thing…my mother said that ‘You have very orthodox thinking, while Zeenat Aman is a very broad-minded, well-educated, very open-minded, and well-exposed girl. So that you will never like it. You never allow women in your family to wear clothes with low necklines. So how long will this work? You must think about it. But I leave it all to you.' So maybe that is why I became very double-minded.”

Parashar added, “Moreover, Zeenat was having a tough time because of her relationship with Sanjay Khan.” Clarifying the exact scenario further, the Bollywood actor and model said that Zeenat was not cheating on anyone. Rather he felt that she saw something in him and felt that she could share her life, and feelings with him, basically a shoulder to cry.

Deepak Parashar summed up his relationship with the Don actress saying, “So that was how our relationship was. But her relationship at that point in life wasn't completely broken, however, it was on the verge of breakup. So, it isn't like Zeenat Aman was two-timing or something like that."

Eventually, Deepak married Sarita Parashar and after separating from Sanjay Khan, Zeenatji married Mazhar Khan but even that marriage was controversial and the actress had to fight for her children.