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Young Sheldon is a spin-off series of the wildly popular show The Big Bang Theory. Narrating the childhood days of the young prodigy, starting from his hometown in Texas, it focuses more on his interaction with the outside world while he tries to fit in with his family and friends. 

Thoroughly entertaining with its genius scripts that blend well with the characters, it recontextualizes the original show to make it even more fun.

Coming to Young Sheldon series 7, we can expect certain incidents that will eventually lead to the building of The Big Bang Theory scenario are likely to happen as it's the final season of the show.

So, the lingering questions arise- what’s new is going to happen in the Young Sheldon series 7?

Let's take a look -

  • Mother-son conflict:

A teaser before the release of the show points toward a major conflict between Sheldon and his mother Mary during their trip to Germany. As Meemaw's house is destroyed by a tornado, their time in Germany is cut short and Sheldon is not quite happy about it.

  • A new family member:

Now that this is going to be the final season, another major change marks Georgie's marriage and becoming a parent. 

  • Death of George:

Although there are speculations about his death, fans are hoping for a surprise of keeping George alive beyond season 7.

  • Rebellious Missy:

Young Sheldon season 6 had set the tone for the character development of Missy as a rebellious teenager after years of negligence from her parents. But it is yet to be seen if the upcoming season will continue her rebellious portrayal or redeem her potential from the previous series.

Young Sheldon was aired on the American television network CBS in September with 127 episodes and recently shifted its streaming platform from Max to Netflix. While the Young Sheldon series from 1 to 6 are now available on Netflix, the premiere of season 7 is scheduled for February 15 on CBS.

By- Supalee Dalai