Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan could lose his cool and burst out on others anytime. He is known for his bad temper. However, he is also known for being witty at times. It cannot be expected when and how the 58-year-old actor would react to any situation.

Recently, a video clip surfaced on social media in which he can be seen taking a dig at the judge of a dance reality show. Moreover, he also talked about the 'reality of life' that has won the hearts of netizens. 

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In the video, Salman can be seen on the sets of Dance India Dance and taking a dig at the judge's statement. In the clip, the judge can be seen interacting with a contestant. The judge asks, "Aapke piche kaun hai (who’s behind you)?"

The contestant replies, "Koi nahi (No one)."

The judge says, "Koi nahi hai na? Isi tarah perform karte rahoge toh zindagi ki race mein sabse aage jaoge, picche koi nahi hoga (There is no one, right? If you keep performing like this, you will go ahead in the race of life; no one will be there behind you)."

Reacting to such a statement, Salman yelled out with excitement and says, “Wah. Aisa toh nahi ki aapke piche kaun hai. Koi bhi nahi, kyun! Kyun ki saab aage nikal gaye hain (Isn’t it this way. Like, who’s behind you, no one, why! Because, everyone has moved ahead)."

Mithun Chakraborty can also be seen sitting close to Salman. Well, Sallu's statement definitely tickled the funny bones of the live audience, host, contestant, as well as, judges. However, the judge, who made the statement, seems embarrassed. However, netizens pointed out the depth of Salman's statement on the 'reality of life.'

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The video has gone viral on social media garnering massive views. Moreover, the comments section is also flooded with reactions from netizens.