Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood comedy king Johny Lever is considered second to none. Several comedians have come before and after Johny, but, the charisma of the comedian remains the same even after several decades. Johny’s comic timing, funny faces, mimicry and several other talents have earned him a devoted fandom, several accolades and the unique title of the 'Comedy King'. 

Even after decades, Johny is looked upon as an inspiration by several aspiring actors who wish to earn distinguished fame in the genre. If you are a Hindi movie lover, Johny must have tickled your funny bones several times. 

However, here we bring a video of a doppelganger of the comedy king that will leave you shocked. It may take a moment to identify the real Johny Lever as the doppelganger shares a very close resemblance with the comedy king. 

The video shows Johny with his lookalike at an event. The duo starts looking at each other surprisingly. Then the lookalike delivers a dialogue of the original Johny. The accent and funny faces made by the doppelganger will leave anyone confused and Johny was no different.

Watching the live performance of his doppelganger, Johny was stunned and also burst out into laughter. He then joined him and the duo performed together.

Later, Johny appreciated the youth who impressed him with the performance and for creating a replica of the real actor. Apart from sharing an uncanny resemblance with Johny, the youth also has adopted several skills from him.

Notably, Johny made his debut in the film industry in 1982 and till date, he has worked in over 350 movies. While he continues to remain active in the film industry, his daughter Jamie has also been winning hearts with her comic timing, funny accents, mimicry and several other talents.