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  • Vicky Kaushal is slowly emerging as the next superstar of Bollywood.
  • Recently he shared some interesting things about his bond with wife Katrina Kaif.

Vicky Kaushal is slowly emerging as the next superstar of Bollywood. After giving solid performances in movies like Raazi, Masan, Sanju, Manmarziyaan, Uri, and the more recent one Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, Vicky has now signed a big-budget flick with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Although he is a very good actor and has proved it in his films, it cannot be ruled out that Vicky Kaushal started grabbing more limelight after he married superstar Katrina Kaif.

Recently in an interview with a leading magazine, Vicky Kaushal shared some astonishing facts about his bond with Kats and their relationship in general


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Katrina Kaif is emotional whereas Vicky is the stubborn one

Being such a big superstar it is expected that in their relationship it would be Katrina Kaif who would be more demanding and adamant. However, the Sam Bhadur actor during his interview revealed that it is his wife who is more emotional whereas he is the more stubborn one and takes time to get convinced. Also, he is more practical than Kats.

Vicky Kaushal revealed that his wife has made him more patient. The actor said, “And 8 out of 10 times I have realized Oh there was a different perspective to this but I was too struck on mine. From the silliest things like what food to order online to where to vacation to more serious subjects, we have elaborate discussions on everything and only when it works for both of us we decide what to do.”

He revealed that many times he denies being stubborn but his wife says that he is so stubborn that he even denies being so. On what being in love with Katrina Kaif feels like Vicky Kaushal said, “Imagine it’s your day off. It’s raining outside. A beautiful calm has taken over and there’s nothing absolutely nothing that is making you fear the future or regret the past. You’re just present. You feel absolutely content. When I’m with her that’s what happens. I don’t feel like rushing anywhere. It’s simply the best feeling.”

The heady feeling that he had about meeting Katrina Kaif when he was dating her is the same even today. For him, she’s home and when she is around he feels this is right.