Poonam Singh

Urfi Javed, renowned for her bold fashion choices and design prowess, often sparks fashion debates with her over-the-top outfits. While she garners admiration for her candid, no-nonsense attitude that is mirrored in her attire, not everyone is a fan of her unconventional fashion sense. 

On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, Urfi took to her Instagram account and dropped her latest OOTD, which has set the internet on fire. 

She shared the video with the caption, “Just looking like a …..”

Urfi wore a light pink crop top with 'nanga nach' written on it and paired it with black racy lingerie with chains attached. She tied her hair into a tight, high bun and added bright red lipstick with minimal makeup. She also wore stylish 10 specs, resembling Ravan's ten heads.

Several users reacted to Urfi’s latest bold look and dropped hilarious comments. One of the users wrote, “Ravan ke Goggles kyu churaye Urfi Ji.” Another one sarcastically wrote, “Rawan samaj kr koi jala na de .....” 

“Aaj ravn jinda hota to kehta dear @urf7i tum hi meri sacchai mohabbat ho ...,” another comment read. 

A fourth commented, “Mana ravan me 10 buraiyan thi pr usne kabhi 10 akhon wala chashma nhi panna.”

Meanwhile, an unexpected critic joined the ranks of those unimpressed by Urfi's style – a baby at the airport. While Urfi was at the airport, a couple, both fans of hers, approached her. However, their little one appeared to be less enthusiastic. Urfi donned a white outfit that concealed her hands beneath the dress, which she couldn't raise to comfort the child. The result was tears from the baby.

Surprised by the baby's reaction, Urfi inquired, "Darr kyu raha hai? (Why is he getting scared?) Sorry bro, sorry yaar." The curious child, still in the safety of his mother's arms, then proceeded to inspect Urfi's unique attire. This airport encounter added another intriguing chapter to Urfi's fashion adventures.