Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Actress Sumona Chakravarti went on to become a household name and created a separate fan base with her spectacular performance on The Kapil Sharma Show after  Comedy Nights with Kapil. Sumona is well known for her role as Kapil’s wife in both comedy shows. 

Viewers are well aware that Sumona constantly gets mocked by Kapil and other co-stars for her lips and mouth. When Sumona gets mocked for her appearance, it tickles the bones of her co-stars, guests, and live audience as well as the TV audience. However, did ever anyone wonder how she felt about being mocked?

In a recent podcast, Sumona disclosed that she was unhappy when Kapil made fun of her mouth and lips on the shows. Recounting the time when Kapil forgot his lines and joked about her appearance instead, which was offending. 

Sharing the incident, Sumona said that being a theatre artist, actor, and not a comedian was quite challenging for her to adapt to the new setting.

Sumona said, "The initial days were a little challenging because I remember they made fun of my mouth. They tried it in the very first episode to crack a joke about my mouth, and it didn’t work. It fell flat and not one soul laughed. Then they dropped it, and eventually, in the other shows, it sort of worked. And I remember I felt really bad."

The actress further added, "If you can laugh at yourself, you will never feel humiliated. Secondly, about the lip or the mouth part, you have something that women I know pay money to get."

Even though Sumona felt bad after jokes were cracked on her lips and mouth, she stood strong and continued to tickle the audience. With her dedication and her entertainment, Sumona has earned fame in the television industry. She also has worked in a few movies and continues her journey.