Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Renowned playback singer Shreya Ghoshal is riding high on the success of ‘Tum Kya Mile’ from Rocky Aur Ranii Ki Prem Kahaani. However, the melodious singer has now taken the music industry by storm after going international. 

First, it was 'Guli Mata' with Saad Lamjarred featuring Jennifer Winget and now it is 'Sunn Beliya' with Afroto.

Shreya goes international with Guli Mata

Last month, Shreya collaborated with Saad Lamjarred, a Moroccan rapper, singer-lyricist, and record producer for a groundbreaking music album titled ‘Guli Mata’. The song exhibits a fusion of the captivating voices of Shreya and Saad as they seamlessly blend their talents in the bilingual track.

Shreya’s Arabic singing prowess is grabbing everyone’s attention and the video has been viewed over 80 million times. With her touch of ethereal charm to the track, Shreya has been drawing music lovers into a world of cross-cultural musical beauty. 

On the other hand, Saad is seen creating an audio-visual extravaganza with his singing and acting. The enthralling music video is a musical masterpiece starring Saad Lamjarred and acclaimed Indian actress Jennifer Winget. 

The music video narrates a historic tale (fiction) of Princess Jennifer who is in deep love with a commoner, Saad. Beautifully portrayed and narrated, the video gives a glimpse into the hardships faced by the lovers. Jennifer with her performance has also won the hearts of the viewers which is evident from the number of times the video is viewed.

Music lovers celebrate Shreya’s cultural fusion with Sunn Beliya

After Guli Matta, Shreya’s collaboration with Afroto, a rap and songwriting sensation from Alexandria, for her latest single ‘Sunn Beliya’ is on its way to script a new history. 

Recently, the Indian singer teamed up with Afroto for the track and the seamless fusion of two cultures and styles seem to have highly impressed music lovers.

The track is a standout addition to the impressive lineup of releases for Coke Studio 2023. This unexpected partnership weaves Shreya's mesmerizing vocals and melodic expression together with Afroto's innovative approach to melodies and rhythms. 

According to Shreya, this collaboration beautifully melds two distinct cultures, languages, and musical styles. Expressing her thoughts on teaming up with Afroto, Shreya said, “I'm thrilled to have embarked on my first-ever global collaboration. Crafting this exquisite song with the incredibly talented Afroto from Egypt was an utterly unique experience.”

“It's a sight to behold as two separate cultures, languages, and styles seamlessly intertwine. Despite the language barrier, our music and emotions forged a connection. I'm eagerly anticipating the world's reception of this remarkable creation, 'Sunn Beliya'," she added.

Afroto conveyed his excitement about his collaboration with Shreya and described it as a fantastic opportunity. “It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and I hope to collaborate more in the future,” he said.

Ahmed Mohamed Abdelmageed, also known as "Afroto", is at the forefront of Egypt's new generation of hip-hop stars. He rose from the humble beginnings of waiting tables and beatboxing on the streets of San Stefano to make a significant impact on the music scene.

In just three weeks of its release on YouTube, 'Sunn Beliya' has amassed over 18 million views (till the filing of this piece). 

With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Shreya is emblematic of a modern vocal icon. She has lent her voice to more than 3000 songs in 20 different languages and has earned numerous accolades for her contributions to the Indian music scene, along with four national film awards in her kitty.