Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kapil Sharma slammed Indigo Airlines for flight delays.
  • He vowed never to fly with Indigo ever again.

Flight delays and ruckus during the transition are not new to Indians. And more often, people understand such things if the delays are due to weather conditions or some technical faults. Importantly, everyone considers such delays if the announcements are made properly and the travelers are informed politely. But that did not seem to happen recently when an Indigo flight was delayed.

That led to many travelers including famous comedian Kapil Sharma reacting and slamming Indigo for flight delay and bad treatment. A day ago The Kapil Sharma Show host took to X platform and shared his disappointment with Indigo for giving an absurd excuse for a long-delayed flight. Incidentally, the excuse that the pilot was stuck in the traffic given by the staff of Indigo was quite unreasonable.

It once again put a question mark on the work efficiency of this famous airline which has one of the best connectivity in India. Delayed departures can cause several issues for those who are in a hurry to reach somewhere and also for those who are invalid or elderly. Kapil Sharma in his tweet voiced out worries for the people in wheelchairs and questioned the reliability of Indigo.

He wrote, “People r suffering becoz of you @IndiGo6E. Lying lying n lying, there are some old passengers on wheelchairs, not in very good health condition. Shame on you #Indigo.” The comedian also said that the delays were due to faults in operations and they were made to shift to different aircraft after waiting for 50 minutes in another airbus. He also shared a video from the airport expressing disappointment over the overall delay.

Netizens reacted to this tweet saying that the only reason why people opt for Indigo is because of its connectivity. But the airline has been known for delaying flights and the assigned ministers must look into the matter.