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Sunday is one of the most awaited days by many. It is considered as a fun day and it is anticipated for several reasons. After working out hard throughout the week, people wait for the weekend. There are many reasons for which people wait for the day, including rest, relaxation, family time, leisure activities, socializing, etc. However, celebrities, especially actors, have a different life than others. And, when it is Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, things could be beyond imagination. But, would you believe that SRK wakes up on Sundays after hearing scolding from his wife Gauri?

Fans are well aware of Shah Rukh and Gauri's love story. How they struggled and grew together, and how they achieved the status that they are enjoying now. 

Well, here we bring a video in which SRK himself revealed his Sunday routine and how he wakes up after Gauri scolds him.

In the 90s, during an interview with veteran actress Farida Jalal, the Pathaan actor spoke about his ideal Sunday which involves quality time with his family, relaxation, dancing, board games, etc. 

In the video, Shah Rukh says, "It’s Sunday morning. I sleep very late at night so I get up late in the morning. First thing I hear as soon as I get up is scolding from my wife….how much I have worked the last six days, how little time I spent at home, I didn’t give her any attention, and when I tell her ‘Look Gauri I am very tired’, I get a ‘Nothing! I don’t want to hear anything!’"

Further, the Jawan actor adds, "When she stops scolding, I look at her with dreamy eyes and tell her how beautiful she looks. As soon as I say that she also says that I look very tired. After that I am King. I don’t shower at all on Sundays. I stay in bed, the chips and Thumbs Up arrive, the TV is turned on, I watch a film, then I bathe my dog Chewbacca and take out her tics.”

Furthermore, the Zero actor said that his friends arrive at his residence in the afternoon and they play board games like Balderdash, and Pictionary, which continues till the evening. "In the evening, we go out somewhere, normally to a discotheque or my dancing place cause my wife loves to dance. Then at night we watch a film together, alone, and go to sleep, just me and my wife,” SRK concluded.

It's indeed surprising that even a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan is no different from common men out there, who wake up weekends hearing scolding of their wife.

The old video has gone viral on social media with fans sharing it massively. Shared on Instagram by SRK's fan club has garnered massive views and likes.

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