Poonam Singh

Before the release of 'Jawan', rumours swirled about Vijay making a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan's film. It was speculated that the Tamil star had filmed a secret schedule in Chennai for the song 'Zinda Banda'. 

Post the release of the movie, speculations grew suggesting that both the superstars were set to act in a film helmed by director Atlee. Confirming the buzz, Atlee disclosed in an interview with Tamil TV presenter and YouTuber Gopinath that he is indeed working on a script featuring both Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay.

Speaking to Gopinath, Atlee revealed that during the Chennai schedule of Jawan, when “Zinda Banda” was shot, the director also celebrated his birthday with Shah Rukh and Vijay in attendance. At that time Shah Rukh expressed interest in a dual hero film, and both stars affirmed their willingness to collaborate. 

“I called Vijay Anna and invited him to the party, and he said he would make it for sure. So, when he came, Shah Rukh sir and Anna discussed between themselves and called me. Shah Rukh sir told me if I ever have plans of directing a dual hero film, they both are ready for it. Vijay Anna also said, ‘Ama pa’. So, I am working on it. It could be my next film,” Atlee said.

"I am working very hard to come up with a script for it. Let’s see,” Atlee added. 

Meanwhile, Spiro Razatos, the Hollywood action choreographer involved in 'Jawan', showcased the film to his acquaintances in Hollywood. This led to a studio expressing interest in collaborating with Atlee for a film.

“One of the studios has approached me for a film. So, that is also going on,” the Theri director said.

 Atlee, known for directing five blockbuster films, including "Jawan," which grossed over Rs 1100 crore at the box office, is aiming for another potential blockbuster with the SRK-Vijay project.