Poonam Singh

Anupamaa starring Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey continues to dominate the TRP charts with its current story line. 

Despite its success, the Rajan Shahi production has faced its share of challenges. Recent rumours hint at a rift between Gaurav and Rupali, stirring speculation among fans.

As per reports, a cold war is going on between Gaurav and Rupali, as they both have rarely been seen together apart from the show. They are also missing from each other’s social media handles.

Recently, Gaurav was missing from Rupali Ganguly’s birthday bash which saw the participation of many celebes, including the Anupamaa star cast, adding to rumours of the cold war.

Meanwhile, when Anupamaa producer Rajan Shahi was questioned about the alleged rift between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, he didn't deny the speculations.

He said that as long as the show isn't getting affected, he never gets involved in the personal equation between actors.

"Mai keh raha hun, cold war ho, hot war ho, lukewarm hot ho, jab tak show affect nahi ho raha, meri shooting affect nahi ho rahi, mai ghusta nahi hun. Main actors ki personal (life) mein ghusta hi nahi hun. Haan, agar unke kuch problem ke wajah se meri shooting ruki hai ya kuch issue ho raha ho, phir mai kuch karunga na. And see, actors ka na, first hamara step kya hota hai at DKP, we tell actors aap aapas mei solve karo. Actors ka na, aaj dosti hogi, aaj hasi-mazaak hogi, phir jhagda ho gaya, kal pata chale ki next day hi they're all friendly together. Toh agar producer ghus gaya, it becomes together," Sahi told to Telly Talk.

Shahi's remarks on the alleged feud have ignited a storm on social media. Netizens offer varied opinions, some finding the backstage drama reflective of on-screen intensity while others defended the professionalism of the actors. 

Some criticize Shahi's stance while others pointed that how there were reports of Vanraaj-Anupama’s fight during their divorce; they also attributed the tension to the show's storyline.