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Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is in the headlines ever since the jaw-dropping trailers of his upcoming Shamshera and Brahmastra were released. As the date for Shamshera's theatrical release is inching closer, anticipation among fans is elevating with each passing day. Meanwhile, the breathtaking physical transformation of the Saawariya actor has left many speechless. 

First, it was for Sanju and now it is for Shamshera, the actor has come up with astounding physical transformation. The amazing transformation from his typical chocolate-boy look to attaining a muscular physique with perfect cuts is certainly incredible. 


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Certainly, it was not easy for Ranbir to put on muscle. However, he faced the challenges and set the goals to achieve an athletic, strong, raw and rustic. 

If you are an admirer of RK and wish to follow the path to achieve a breathtaking physique like him then here we bring the fitness secrets of the Shamshera actor.

RK's trainer Shivoham had revealed the diet routine of the actor.

As said by Shivoham, Ranbir is not fond of eating roti and has not eaten rotis in the past 1.5 years. He prefers eating brown rice, toast or biryani.

Ranbir takes protein shakes twice a day; once in the morning and the other in the day in between meals. He follows a low-carb diet with around 100 gram of carbs per day.

He adds eggs, protein shakes and brown bread to his breakfast. His lunch plate includes brown rice, chicken, dal and green vegetables. The 'Sanju' actor prefers light dinner. However, for Shamshera, RK had five meals during the day and had a cheat meal only once a week. The protein-rich foods helped him to maintain muscle mass and promote muscle growth while he underwent strength training.

To meet the body's nutritional requirements, Ranbir takes supplements on a regular basis which includes protein, glutamine and multivitamin.

The Brahmastra star also stays away from sweets as he dislikes sweet items. Moreover, he also dislikes fried food items.

However, burgers are his favourite and he includes those definitely in his cheat meal.

To achieve his six-pack abs and chiselled physique with perfect cuts he underwent rigorous training 5 days a week. Each of his workout sessions was intense and lasted for an hour. He ended the session with a quick, high-intensity treadmill cardio session.

Ranbir also did breathing exercises every day that helped him to relax even while shooting in heat and dust.