Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Ram Charan became emotional on receiving paintings of Lord Ram from his fans.
  • He was one of the few South Indian actors to attend the Ram Temple consecration ceremony in Ayodhya.

Ram Charan was one of the few Indian actors who attended the Ram Temple consecration ceremony along with his superstar father Chiranjeevi. Both father and son are known to follow their religion with great faith and have repeatedly displayed their devotion towards the Hindu Gods.

The strong emotions of Ram Charan for Lord Rama were once again on display when he could not hold back his tears on receiving paintings of Rama. The RRR actor had misty eyes as he took the paintings offered to him by his fans one after the other. Every time the crowd handed him a painting of Lord Rama he respectfully bowed down and then handed it over to his staff.

This display of devotion and emotions won the hearts of millions of his fans on social media who started comparing his act with those of Bollywood stars who shy away from owning their religion and gods. Many users said that Bollywood actors should learn something from South Indian stars like Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi.

A few even slammed Ayushmann Khurana who also attended the Ram Temple consecration ceremony in Ayodhya but today liked a post criticising saffronisation of India. Earlier while talking to the media on the occasion of the ceremony Ram Charan said, “Arrived to take blessings from Ramji. It was a fantastic experience. It was so beautiful, once in a lifetime and it was an honour for everybody to witness this, and to be born in India and to witness this is truly a blessing.”

Ram Charan became an international name after RRR became the first feature film from India to win an Oscar last year. Work-wise he is gearing up for his next movie titled Game Changer helmed by Shankar with Kiara Advani in the lead.