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  • Priyanka and Nick Jonas are reportedly in financial troubles.
  • The couple seems to have rented their big mansion in California after failing to pay the mortgage.

Living beyond capacity is something that always brings trouble. Big stars and celebrities have to maintain a certain lifestyle so that they look successful and rich in the eyes of the media and the people. From taking loans to buying fancy cars and bungalows on credit and lease these celebrities are forced to do so many things to keep up the fancy face and expectations of their fans so that they are not tagged under the ‘unsuccessful’ category.

However, couples like Nick and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are considered to be highly successful internationally. It seems the music career of the “Mann meri jaan” singer is going top guns whereas PeeCee seems to be enjoying her work in Hollywood. Naturally, no one ever thought that they were facing some financial difficulties as the couple is always found enjoying holidays at exotic places with their daughter Malti.

But it seems both Nick and Priyanka have been living beyond their means frolicking and spending which is why they are now in a soup economically. The buzz became stronger when a legal document of the couple renting their massive mansion in the US surfaced online.

Priyanka and Nick could not pay the mortgage for more than a year

The social media user has said that the couple has failed to pay the mortgage on their California home for more than a year which is why it has now been put on rent. The new tenants will be paying the rent directly to the bank. In this way, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will be able to keep the property in their name which will also give them ample time to come up with that much amount of money or to sell it off at a good price.

They have also sued the builder for low-quality construction and have demanded $100 million as compensation which if settled may help them cover the mortgage amount.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas having financial troubles
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The post says that now the couple is living in a simple, and humbler home which can be easily seen in the Fashion actress’ IG posts. Earlier, the Bollywood superstar had announced the closedown of her restaurant Sona in New York. The reports said that the desi girl hastily exited from her collaboration with Maneesh Goyal due to differences but now there are speculations that it can be well because of financial issues.

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Fans disagree with the claim

Although the copies of the rent document have been shared in this post many fans have called it fake and a hate post. Most of the users believe that Nick Jonas is earning good through his concerts whereas PeeCee gets paid tons for her IG posts and work in movies. But now a few users are asking when the last time she was part of a big-budget movie that could have paid her well. Surprisingly, there is no answer to that.