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News Highlights

  • Tripti Dimri recently revealed that she kept on forgetting lines during the confession scene in Animal.
  • But the entire team and Ranbir Kapoor made her feel very comfortable.

Tripti Dimri has suddenly become a hot Bollywood star after the release of Animal. While everyone expected Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna to have some passionate scenes in the movie, no one expected that Tripti’s intimacy with Ranbir in the movie would catch more attention. Rashoo seems to have been relegated behind the immense attention that Tripti is getting.

Repeatedly the Bulbbul actress has said that she always wanted to work with Ranbir Kapoor and would like to work with him on more projects after Animal. Tripti openly stated that the Shamshera actor has been her crush for a long time. However, he is not her first crush.

Revealing the same during a recent interaction the latest crush of India said that her first crush was Shah Rukh Khan. She had heard from the people that one should not meet their idols as it may be disappointing. But Tripti said now after meeting and working with Ranbir Kapoor, she has started respecting him more for his honesty towards his craft.

Ranbir Kapoor made me comfortable, says Tripti

Tripti revealed that she was very much nervous while shooting with him and could not help it. Ranbir Kapoor noticed her nervousness, sensed it, and did everything possible to make her feel comfortable. The Poster Boys actress revealed that during the confession scene, she was very nervous and kept forgetting her lines even though she is usually very good at remembering them.

But everyone made her feel comfortable and said that since it is your scene do it your way. Ranbir even asked her how she would like to do that particular scene, whether she wanted to have his close-up first or her close-up. And that has left Tripti Dimri highly impressed.

Talking about Ranbir’s character asking her to lick his boots, Tripti said that in real life she would never bend her knees and lick anyone’s shoes but since it was a character she was playing she did the part.