Poonam Singh

Bobby Deol's portrayal of a mute and volatile polyamorist, Abrar, in Animal has not only resonated with audiences but also thrust him into the spotlight, despite his limited screen time.

The Ranbir Kapoor starrer has emerged as a box-office sensation, with Bobby's performance gaining widespread acclaim. Beyond the cinematic success, Bobby reflects on the film as a 'once in a lifetime kind of opportunity' and a venture that forged a deep friendship with Ranbir.

Despite their characters being arch-nemeses in Animal, Bobby reveals in an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha that in real life, he and Ranbir share a genuine camaraderie, rooted in mutual respect and a shared love for family. 

At a pre-release event, their bromance took centre stage, with videos of Ranbir sitting on Bobby's lap and dancing to his hit numbers going viral on social media.

Speaking about Ranbir, Bobby commends the actor's lack of insecurity, stating, "Ranbir's an amazing guy. I love him. He gave me a lot of respect. He's a superstar, but despite that, he dragged me with him everywhere he went to promote the film. No one does that. Everybody just wants to steal the limelight. But he's not like that. He has no insecurities."

While their characters engage in a fierce rivalry on screen, Bobby and Ranbir found common ground in their shared family-oriented values, both hailing from film backgrounds. According to Bobby, this connection played a pivotal role in strengthening their off-screen bond.

Delving into the film's intense fight sequence, set against the backdrop of a runway, Bobby discloses the meticulous preparation involved. The duo rehearsed for 7-8 days in Bombay before shooting in England, emphasising the need for authenticity in the brutal hand combat. Despite the challenging circumstances of filming in cold weather, Bobby expresses joy in the collaborative process, noting that their on-screen chemistry reached natural and magical heights.

Meanwhile, 'Animal' is currently ruling the box office. After an impressive opening weekend, the film continues to perform well during the weekdays as well. In India, 'Animal' minted Rs 283 crore till December 5.