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  • Paparazzi culture has now become very normal in Bollywood.
  • But focussing on certain body parts of female celebs can never be acceptable.

Paparazzi culture has now become very normal in Bollywood. While many celebrities claim that they do not know how the paps get information about them and follow them, it is now a known truth that even many A-listers from the B-town make their PR team do the needful to stay in the limelight. As long as it is limited to covering the Bollywood stars at events, launches, and promotions or even when they are called for by the stars themselves it is very much acceptable to almost everyone.

However, when the photographers try to focus the angles inappropriately on the body parts of female celebs then it becomes very cheap and down market. Most celebrities are now requesting the paps not to cover them inappropriately from the back side or from an angle that only highlights their certain body parts.

Recently, popular television and film actress Mona Singh also slammed the paparazzi saying that she finds such practices disturbing. The 3 Idiots actress said, “They keep focusing on women’s bodies inappropriately. Will they do this to a man by zooming into their crotch when they’re walking? No, they won’t. But they do that to every woman.”

According to her paparazzi is always looking for some malfunction episode when it comes to female stars so that they can cover it and make it a new sensation and gain views. The veteran telly actress added, “Whether you attend an event or go to an award function, these are the kinds of videos you keep seeing of yourself. I think every woman actor should stand up and raise their voice against it. It’s not cool what they do. It’s almost like they wait for some faux pas to happen."

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Another actress, Neha Sharma who is very popular among the paps and on social media has also criticized the paparazzi for inappropriately clicking photographs. She believes that such issues make an impact on the freedom of women, especially the way they dress. Neha said, “There are days when you don't want to be seen, so you take a break like I did recently. These are things you have to do to stay relevant. It's important to be seen in today's time. As for the angles, it does get distasteful. As a woman, you also lose your freedom to dress the way you want to. When you are in the public eye, you do have to be careful as sometimes things go out of line,"

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