Poonam Singh

Hrithik Roshan and Jr NTR have commenced the filming for the highly anticipated spy-thriller 'War 2', directed by Ayan Mukerji. Recent leaked images from the set have ignited fervour among fans on social media. In the snapshots, both actors are captured in intense action sequences, setting the stage for a thrilling sequel to the 2019 blockbuster 'War'.

Hrithik, reprising his role from the original film, was seen in a light blue turtleneck tee paired with a sleek black military vest jacket, exuding his trademark charisma in the leaked photos. Meanwhile, Jr NTR, known for his role in 'RRR', strikes a powerful presence in an all-black ensemble, embodying his character with precision.

The leaked photos have sparked a wave of enthusiasm among fans, who eagerly anticipate witnessing the dynamic on-screen chemistry between Hrithik and Jr NTR. Comments pouring in on social media platforms laud Hrithik's sculpted physique and express confidence in Jr NTR's portrayal of the antagonist.

Earlier, Jr NTR's arrival in Mumbai for the shoot was met with a flurry of excitement from paparazzi and fans alike. Dressed casually in a light blue shirt and jeans, complemented by a sporty cap, the superstar graciously acknowledged the adoring crowd with waves and smiles, further fueling anticipation for the film.

Reports suggest that both Hrithik and Jr NTR have dedicated 60 days to filming 'War 2', with a significant portion allocated to shared scenes. YRF's efficient production model ensures optimal use of shooting days without inflating the budget, as revealed by a source close to Bollywood Hungama.