Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The acclaimed web series 'Kota Factory' recently released its third season with captivating storylines. 

This time, the creators have concluded the series by depicting the struggles and successes of students in exams, along with emotional scenes that resonate deeply with the audience. 

Viewers have not only enjoyed the series but also found themselves moved to tears.

One poignant scene features Uday Gupta, who becomes distracted from his studies in Kota. 

Instead of focusing on academics, he spends all his time gaming, partying with friends, and being with his girlfriend, Shivangi Ranawat.

A particularly emotional moment unfolds when Uday, amidst gaming and partying with friends, gets into an accident after drinking, resulting in his hospitalisation. 

His parents, portrayed emotionally by the scene, express stress and sorrow as they deal with their son's distance from home and studies.

When Uday Gupta's parents entered the hospital room, Uday said, “Mummy, juice nahi layie.” In an angry tone, his father said, “Juice ka kya karega, drink karle, maa baap ke samne to juice hi piyega, baad mein to drink hi karega tu.” His mother, also angered, replied, “Kisne pe rakhi thi, autowale ne pe rakhi thi ya tu pee rakhi thi, bolo.” His father added, “Tune ek baar bhi nahi socha ki maa baap ne bharosa karke yahaan bheja hai, aur mein yeh kya kar rahi hoon yahan se.”

Emotionally, his mother began to cry, saying, “Jaan nikal di thi humari, bhaga bhaga ke aaye hain yahan.” Uday, also in tears, apologised, “Sorry mummy, sorry papa, mujhe maaf karde, ab dobara nahi, one chance, I promise, sorry mummy, sorry na yaar.” Moved, his mother approached his bed where he was sleeping, both embracing and crying loudly.

This heart-wrenching scene beautifully portrays parental concern and the emotional toll on families when students are away for studies.

Such situations often lead many students who are preparing in cities like Kota to neglect their studies, veer off the right path, causing issues and tensions within their families, and ultimately affecting their preparation.

The series, available on Netflix, also showcases other compelling performances. Characters like Jeetu Bhaiya and Balmukund Meena navigate financial issues but ultimately achieve success. Meanwhile, Vaibhav Pandey struggles intensely with his preparations but faces disappointment in the entrance exams.

As a masterpiece series, 'Kota Factory' is a must-watch, illustrating the challenges and aspirations of students and the guidance of parents in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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