Poonam Singh

The highly anticipated collaboration between South Korean singer IU and BTS member V, titled ‘Love Wins All,’ has finally been unveiled. The music video, released on January 24, and directed by Um Tae-Hwa, explores a post-apocalyptic world, showcasing IU and V as a couple on the run to survive a looming threat.

The music video opens with IU and V running hand-in-hand through a forest, bearing visible bruises and cuts, portraying a sense of fear. A robotic cubical in the sky indicates their escape from an unidentified but powerful force. 

Seeking refuge in a shopping mall, they discover a heap of clothes. V finds a hand cam and records IU, revealing a changed background in the footage, symbolizing their desire to escape the apocalyptic scenario.

Throughout the video, IU and V dream of a utopian world free from worries and extraterrestrial troubles. Imagining themselves as newlyweds, adorned in bridal attire, their fantasy is disrupted when the cubical object discovers them. 

Despite V's attempts to neutralize it, they fail. In a poignant moment, IU holds V close, covering his eyes as the duo is lifted into the air by an incomprehensible force. Their disappearance leaves only their wedding attire cascading down onto another heap of clothes.

The emotional impact of ‘Love Wins All’ resonates with fans, as the gritty visuals, heart-wrenching lyrics, and the natural chemistry between IU and V leave a lasting impression.

Notably, during the end credits, the cubical is credited as a "Special guest," suggesting a tribute to BTS member SUGA.

Watch the video here:

While IU gears up for the release of her latest album, the BTS members are currently fulfilling their military service commitments. The music video has captivated audiences, offering a poignant narrative within the post-apocalyptic setting, leaving fans emotionally moved by the tale of love and survival.

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