Poonam Singh

Urfi Javed has emerged as India's one of latest fashion icons with her unconventional fashion and quirky outfits. She is known for her bold fashion choices, whether making outfits with razor blades, broken glass pieces, ropes or with watches. 

And if you think Urfi Javed is the only one creating such outfits, you are wrong as netizens have found the ‘male version’ of the fashion diva with some even claiming him to be far better than Urfi.

Recently a video of vougishpankaj gone viral in which he has created a fashion walk showcasing his different designs which could give Urfi a run for her money. He modelled the outfits and posed like a professional model.

In the video, Pankaj can be seen created using bizarre items ranging from folding bed to teddy bears.

Watch the video:

Netizens were mesmerized by Pankaj’s fashion and lauded his creativity. Some of the fans even compared him to Urfi and wrote, “Register krwa lo design.... Urfi pkka copy kregi.” 

Another fan wrote, “every design was amazing” while one netizen’s comment read, “Much better than branded designers”. Another user wrote, “You are wasting your creativity. Go and conquer the Lakme fashion weeks.” 

“Urfi Javed ko Issy inspiration lene chaye ussy Acha tou yeh banda hy,” wrote another user in a hilarious way.

Vougishpankaj is known for creating Memes on Fashion, Runway and Bollywood. He hilariously blends comedy and fashion to make beautiful videos which often go viral on Instagram.