Cassian Baliarsingh

Impressed by the rapid growth in the country, infrastructural development and India’s global impact in the last 10 years, actress Rashmika Mandanna has requested her fans to vote for PM Modi’s ‘Vikas’. 

The actress, who often travels to Mumbai and Hyderabad for her work commitments, was so impressed with Atal Setu, India’s largest sea link bridge, which was inaugurated by PM Modi that she requested her fans and followers to vote for India’s decade of growth.

Speaking to ANI, Rashmika shared her excitement about the country’s rapid growth in the last decade and called the infrastructural development a game-changer. She was marveled at how a two-hour journey was now completed in just 20 minutes.

“Who would have thought that something like this was possible? Now we can easily travel from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. India is moving very fast and growing at a fast pace. No one can stop us now,” the actress stated.

She continued, “The journey of 2 hours can now be done in 20 minutes. As you wouldn’t even believe it. The journey to Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad or Bengaluru with such infrastructure makes me feel proud. Earlier, they used to think that India cannot do such development. But, now India is not willing to listen to or say ‘NO’. Now, at least India is not stopping anywhere. Nobody is saying it is not possible anymore in India.”

“Look at our country’s growth, it's freaking brilliant, the way in the last 10 years, the country has grown. The infrastructure today, the planning in our country, the road planning everything is just brilliant. Earlier it would take years, but now it is being made in a few years,” she added.

“The young India is growing in such a fast speed. I would like to say that India is the smartest country and I take immense pride in it. So, the young Indians should vote and being responsible and not getting influenced by whatever you say. People are being very smart and heading the right way,” she added.

She concluded her interview with a request, “As a young ‘Bharatiya’, to all of you, from this majestic infrastructure, I request you all to vote for ‘Vikas’ and ‘Development’.