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Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, renowned for his captivating performances in hit dramas like Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai, has solidified his presence in the entertainment industry. His fanbase extends beyond Pakistan, resonating strongly in India, where he made his Bollywood debut with Khoobsurat in 2014 alongside Sonam Kapoor.

Fawad's boyish charisma and exceptional acting prowess quickly elevated him to heartthrob status, charming audiences in films like Ae Dil

Hai Mushkil and Kapoor & Sons. Recently, the actor joined Ahmad Ali Butt's Excuse Me podcast, offering insights into his experiences in the Indian entertainment realm.

During the podcast conversation, host Ahmad Ali Butt recognised Fawad Khan's substantial success in Bollywood. He raised the question of whether his soaring stardom led to envy among his Indian peers, possibly positioning him as a threat. Responding thoughtfully, Fawad Khan admitted that it's a complex question to tackle. Despite the challenges, he conveyed that he experienced overwhelming love and support from the Indian audience, downplaying notions of rivalry among counterparts in the industry.

In a unique stance on publicity, Fawad revealed his preference for a low-profile approach, believing that less visibility often holds more appeal than constant exposure on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Fawad also revealed that his Bollywood co-stars Sonam Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra were the ones who got him onboard on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, respectively. He explained, "My team manages those accounts. I don't believe I'm someone who can navigate it effectively. Handling this level of attention is challenging for me." This clarification sheds light on Fawad's approach to his online presence.