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Nowadays, there are very few web shows that we can watch with our family and have a great time remembering our old good memories. But the web series mentioned in the list below are the best family-oriented Indian web series that you can watch with your parents and kids on weekends.

1. Panchayat 

The show is a heartwarming celebration of simple, rustic life in a village. The lead character ( an urban youth) is appointed as a panchayat secretary and the story revolves around his daily dealings with villagers (including the sarpanch). The show has two seasons. Although both are equally enjoyable and can be watched separately, watching them in a natural sequence will make them more enjoyable. 

Panchayat is available on Amazon Prime Video

2. Kota Factory 

The next web series on our list is Kota Factory, India's first black-and-white series. It presents a hilarious yet truthful look at coaching institutes in Kota and the rat race to finish the IIT-JEE engineering test. There is use of cuss words in certain scenes. 

Kota Factory is available on - Youtube/Netflix/TVF

3. Yeh Meri Family 

The show is filled with sweet childhood memories. Set in 1998, Yeh Meri Family tells the story of a twelve-year-old Harshu's emotions towards family members. Embedded with the perfect vibe of the 90s, this series leaves you feeling nostalgic. 

Yeh Meri Family is available on - Netflix 

4. Gullak 

Gullak is an engaging web show that is both refreshingly funny and undoubtedly nostalgic. This engaging show is like going through your photo album back when you were young and going through the events that shaped your formative years. Gullak has two seasons and both are equally enjoyable.

Gullak is available on - SonyLiv

5. Home Shanti

The slice-of-life drama is directed by Aakanksha Dua and produced by Posham Pa Pictures. In “Home Shanti”, a middle-class family is building their first house after spending decades in government-allocated quarters. The show marries chaos and comedy well, as they only have 3 months left before they must vacate their current quarter.

Home Shanti is available on -  Disney+ Hotstar

6. Taj Mahal 1989

'Taj Mahal 1989' is a love drama set in 1989 in a school in Lucknow. It take a close look at the relationships between the co-workers and students. The show focuses on addressing philosophical and political issues prevalant at the time, against the backdrop of romance.

Taj Mahal 1989 is available on - Netflix

7. Home

'Home' is loosely based on real life events that recall the demolition of the Kalakruti Society in Mumbai. This web series explores the emotional upheaval and struggle of the affected families. It also showcases how the families and their neighbours stood together to fight against an unrelenting system.

Home is available on - AltBalaji

Hope you will like the web show aforementioned above and have a great time with your loved ones.