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  • Dulquer Salmaan admitted that he was fortunate to have his girl by his side all through his struggle.
  • The actor said that she keeps her grounded and keeps him calm whenever he is bratty.

Dulquer Salmaan has been constantly in the limelight for the past few months. Be it his hit movie Sita Raman, his latest OTT release Guns & Gulaabs, or the recent news that he has joined the star cast of the highly anticipated movie Kalki 2898, the handsome hunk is drawing attention from all quarters. For young girls, he is a heartthrob who has won their hearts not only with his charm but also as a versatile actor.

Recently during a podcast with Ranveer Allahbadia, Dulqueer Salmaan opened up about his concept of wedding, and how people generally perceive it and also unfolded interesting facts about his love life that ultimately led to marriage. The calm and cool Southern actor said that he is an overthinker and sometimes wonders if anything can go wrong with him. Salmaan has a massive female following and also has a cozy family life with a wife Amal Sufiya and a daughter Maryem Ameerah Salmaan.

However, he lamented that he cannot spend as much time as he wants with them now that he is so busy with his work.

Dulquer Salmaan considers himself lucky in love

Opening more about his love life, Dulquer Salmaan admitted that he was the fortunate one to have his girl by his side all through his struggle and they ultimately ended up marrying each other.

Salmaan said, “I had told her when we met that I want to act in at least one film and direct one film. These two are part of my bucket list. I want to be an actor to know whether I can act and want to direct so that I can create something.” The actor said that she did not understand everything about it at that time since her family had zero exposure to the film industry.

But she has been with him almost every day, even if there were good days or bad days. Salmaan said, “She balances me in a way.” That is the reason he is so happy. The actor also said that she keeps her grounded and whenever he acts a bit bratty she calms him down.

Marriage and life after-how did it all happen?

Revealing his marriage he said that they both were from the same school and she was some year’s junior to him. When he was around 26, he was not dating anyone, he started sort of getting proposals of marriage as usually happens in arranged marriages.

And then at that time, he bumped into his wife with whom he was not in touch since they left the school. She was not very social so he rarely saw her after completing school. Friends suggested that something could work between them and out of a sudden he had also started bumping into her quite often.

That is when he messaged her on Facebook Messenger if she would like to grab a coffee with him and see if things can work out between them. After 5 to 6 days she accepted the invitation. All through the process their parents were in the loop. Dulquer Salmaan could see that she can be a part of his world.

They were married within six months and barely had courtship time. But the marriage has really worked well for him.