Poonam Singh

Internet sensation Urfi Javed is often trolled for her sartorial fashion choices. However, she never gives a damn about the trolls and wears all that she wants. But off-late, the trolls and anti-fans of Urfi have targeted her and making videos against her with some even allegedly threatening to kill her.

Calling out all these anti-fans, Urfi shared a long note on her Instagram stories. Urfi also shared how she had been under severe mental stress and worried about her safety. 

She also shared her concerns about how these videos against her are also targeting other girls and their safety.

“These are literally the same people who wanted me to come to meet them a few weeks back, be friends with them just because I denied their friendship, their help cause I knew their intentions now they’re coming at me. Guys trust me they ghanta care what I wear, they only want publicity. Honestly, everyone on the internet threatening to hit me, or kill me has f****d me mentally. (No Lie) Imagine being in my position, every day someone uploading a video against you up cause of what you put on your own body. I have never said anything ill about anyone, harmed anyone. I’m not scared but yes I am concerned about my safety, if not them then these people are provoking the common masses to hit me not just me they are giving out a msg that if don’t find a girls outfit decent enough you can hit her, threaten her. You all are putting a lot of girls safety through your stupid videos,” read Urfi’s note.

However, despite all the threatening and trolls, Urfi said that she will not fall to the studip videos and abuses and continue to wear what she wants.

“Regardless, I’ll keep wearing whatever the F I want,” wrote Urfi.

Earlier, she had also hit out at the trollers who filed a complaint against her for allegedly “publishing or transmitting of material containing sexually explicit act in electronic form.”

She also called out them saying that this is not Afghanistan or the Taliban. Do you want to live like that? Do you want to control what women should wear? Please, f*k off."

Meanwhile, Sunny Leone has heaped praises on Urfi Javed and she is also a fan of her.

During a press conference for MTV's show Splitsvilla 14, Sunny said, "Mai uski fan hu, woh bahut achi aur nice hai. She was a part of the show, and I applaud her quality of taking stands at the right time on the right topics. That moved me while I was hosting the show. I still remember her saying 'main aisi hoon, accept me the way I am' and that I can relate too. I like gutsy women like these! It was a message to all the spectators who judged her, who ogled at her. And of course, I can't even speak about how humorous she is.”