Poonam Singh

Popular Korean band BTS, due to their incredible vocal prowess, dancing, rapping and composing skills, enjoy a massive fan following across the globe. The Septet share a close bond and are there for each other through their ups and downs.

BTS members Jimin and V are the best of friends.  Besides being bandmates, both of studied in the same school and are of the same age as well, so, they share a close friendship. 

They have shared some hilarious and emotional memories together over the years. In one such hilarious incident, V was having a nightmare and wanted to share the room with Jimin, however, Jimin had kicked V from his room.

Reportedly, the incident took place when BTS was on a trip to the Philippines as part of their Summer Package 2017.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet, where BTS members V and Jimin revealed about the incident.

In the video, BTS members were seen discussing the souvenirs they had bought, during which Jimin said that he bought a dream catcher for V..

Jimin said that V had seen a ghost and was unable to sleep in his room, so he had come to his room in the night however, he was sleepy and didn't remember kicking him out of the room. So, he apologised to V and brought him the gift to keep ghosts away.

Jimin's gesture moved V and other BTS members however, they didn't forget to pull Jimin leg, saying that, "What a two-faced person you are after kicking him out of the room you have brought him a gift."

On the other hand, V revealed Jimin did not kick him out but opened the door for him. He then thanked Jimin for his thoughtful gift and hoped he would have a peaceful sleep.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)