Poonam Singh

Korean boy band BTS has a huge fan following across the globe which includes many famous personalities and celebrities. One such fan is popular south-Korean singer, Lee Hyun who has time and again expressed his liking for the septet.

Both BTS and Lee Hyun have appreciated each other’s compositions and songs on many occasions. Recently, Lee Hyun appeared on an episode of ‘Back Psychorus’ on YouTube with Yang Se Chan and Hwang Ja Seong where he disclosed his relationship with BTS and more.

When the host asked Lee Hyun about his close relationship with BTS, Lee Hyun had nothing but kind words about them and revealed who he was closest to.

"Of course, we're close because I've seen them since they were trainees. Well, Jin is the eldest, so he's the closest," said Lee Hyun.

When Lee Hyun was asked who is the most handsome BTS member, his first reaction was ‘it is hard’ but he finally choose one member. But to the surprise of everyone he said V, as his close friend Jin is popular for his good looks and is recognised as worldwide handsome.

However, the host then tried to pull his leg by asking who is more handsome, he or the BTS member. Lee Hyun then had the funniest reaction, "Nonsense… of course, V is more handsome."

Lee Hyun also praised V's vocals on the show, describing it as unique and said the BTS member has a special tone. 

The singer was also asked, "Lee Hyun, the most melancholic vocalist of this era. Who would you pick to have the best melancholic voice from idols?"

Lee Hyun the answered, "In our company, V has that kind of feeling."



ARMY will surely be elated at Lee Hyun's opinion.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)