Poonam Singh

BTS' RM has finally treated fans with the highly anticipated teaser for his pre-release track, "Come Back To Me," from his upcoming second solo album titled "Right Place, Wrong Person." The 10-second teaser, dropped on May 8 via HYBE LABELS' official YouTube channel, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the song's ambience.

Accompanied by two movie poster-style images revealing RM's poignant expression, the teaser captivates viewers with its mysterious allure. As RM gazes directly into the camera amidst dark lighting, the teaser exudes an eerie yet captivating vibe, setting the stage for the impending release.

Directed by Lee Sung Jin, renowned for the Netflix series ‘Beef,’ and produced by Oh Hyuk of the band Hyukoh, the music video promises to be a visual spectacle. The pre-release track, crafted by singer-songwriter JNKYRD and San Yawn of Balming Tiger, features RM's heartfelt lyrics and also stars popular K-drama actor Kim Minha.

RM's second solo album, "Right Place, Wrong Person," slated to drop on May 24, 2024, at 1 PM (KST), boasts 11 tracks encompassing universal emotions. Embracing the alternative genre, the album promises a melodic journey enriched by RM's candid lyricism. Concept photos showcasing RM's natural charm against the backdrop of Tokyo further pique fans' curiosity.

Despite RM's ongoing military service, he managed to film the music videos before his enlistment in December last year, marking his first release since his solo album ‘Indigo’ in December 2022. The announcement has ignited a wave of excitement among fans eagerly anticipating RM's musical evolution and the soul-stirring melodies that await.