Cassian Baliarsingh

The gorgeous Mahira Khan needs no introduction. The stunning diva has been a ‘femme fatale’ for generations and continues to make fans swoon over her good looks and acting chops. 

After winning millions of hearts in Pakistan, the ‘Raees’ actress walked into the hearts of all her Indian fans as she romanced the ‘King of Romance’ Shah Rukh Khan in the chartbuster song ‘Zaalima’.

In an interesting turn of events, India’s melody king Arijit Singh who has sung ‘Zaalima’ happened to meet Mahira at his Dubai concert and something interesting happened. 

While performing at the concert, Arijit saw Mahira but he could not recognize her at first. “You guys must be surprised, should I reveal. I was trying to recognize this person, and then I remembered I had sung for her. Ladies and gentlemen Mahira Khan sitting right in front of me,” Arijit said in the middle of his concert.

“Think about I was singing her song ‘Zaalima’ and it’s her song and she was singing and standing and I couldn’t recognize her. I am so sorry. Ma’am gratitude and thank you so much,” he added.

The camera then focuses on Mahira who looks stunning in a black dress. Fans can be heard going crazy and cheering for her. Taken by surprise with Arijit’s sweet gesture, Mahira seems to have the best moment of her life and can be heard shouting ‘I love you’ to Arijit. 

The adorable gesture of the two celebrated personalities went viral on social media after a fan page shared the video on Instagram. As expected, the sweet moment received a lot of love from fans of both Arijit and Mahira. 

Talking about Mahira Khan, the gorgeous beauty is one of the leading ladies in Pakistan entertainment industry and is mostly known for her impeccable performances in dramas such as ‘Humsafar’, ‘Bin Roye’, ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay They’ and ‘Razia’. 

She made her Bollywood debut with superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the 2016 action-thriller ‘Raees’.