Cassian Baliarsingh

A few days after cricket legend and Virat Kohli’s best friend AB de Villiers revealed that Anushka Sharma was expecting her second child very soon, Industrialist Harsha Goenka has hinted that the delivery is due in a few days.

The Industrialist who is very active on X (Twitter) shared that Virat and Anushka are expecting their second child very soon and the delivery will be done in a hospital in London. In a light-hearted manner, Goenka wrote, “A new baby is to be born in the next few days! Hope the baby takes India to great heights like the greatest cricketing father. Or will it follow the mother and be a film star? #MadeInIndia #ToBeBornInLondon.”

His big revelation has sparked an array of reactions from netizens after he pondered the child’s future path, questioning whether it would inherit its father’s cricketing talent or pursue an artistic career like its mother in the film industry.

Goenka’s post on Virat Kohli’s child future has amassed mixed reactions from other social media users.

“Or the baby can be an ordinary person too without shouldering the burden of his or her parents’ achievements,” commented a social media user.

Another user wrote, “Sir, leave it to the baby to decide. None of our business! But, we still have high expectations from baby's father to set unbreakable records!”

“Burdening the unborn child with expectations of things he/she never wants to do. Let the life flourish in its own natural way,” commented a third user.