Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma returned to India on Tuesday a couple of months after delivering her second baby. While Virat is currently busy with IPL 2024, Anushka was welcomed by paparazzi and to everybody's excitement, she even showed the newborn's face to the photographers. But, requested them not to click pics of her son.

Anushka and her cricketer husband Virat Kohli welcomed their second child, a boy, in London in February. After a couple of months, the PK actress returned to India with the newborn and was welcomed by paparazzi at the airport.

Paparazzo Viral Bhayani shared on Instagram what transpired when Anushka returned from London to India. As per the paparazzo, the Sultaan actress showed Akaay's face to the photographers at the airport. Further, she promised to pose for them later but without her kids, Akaay and Vamika.

The post read: Anushka Sharma gave an exclusive sneak peek of the baby to the paps at the airport and also promised to meet soon for a get together. She will pose herself but not when the kids are around. One may recall that, earlier, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had invited the paps to their residence for a get together. That time, Ranbir showed / revealed the angelic face of Raha to the paps from his phone! Even though she did not allow the paps to click photos or videos of her two kids, she did say that she would do a photo of herself when the kids are not around (sic)."

Notably, Anushka has maintained her kids' privacy ever since the birth of Vamika, back in 2018. Though she has posted a few pictures of her daughter, she ensures to cover her face with emoticons. Well, it seems, she will follow the same strategy with her son Akaay.

Notably, Anushka and Virat welcomed a baby boy on February 15. The couple announced the news through social media post after a few days.