Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Anupamaa’s Rupali Ganguly danced to Kriti Sanon’s Paramsundari.
  • Rupali along with Baa aka Alpana Buch rocked the hook step of the song perfectly.
  • More important was her message that accompanied this dance post.

Rupali Ganguly is very active on social media and keeps on sharing updates from her life as well as new activities for her followers on Instagram. Recently, the Anupamaa actress danced to the hit number of Kriti Sanon’s Paramsundari along with Baa aka Alpana Buch, and rocked the hook step very gracefully.

The message from the famous telly actress that was shared along with this dance post was also very much enlightening. She said a Paramsundari is not one with a perfect body shape and waistline but a woman who knows to give and nurture.

Dressed in a typical Maharashtrian style bottle green colored Nauvari, Rupali looked very beautiful in a red blouse and traditional hairstyle and ornaments. Alpana Buch on the other hand looked ethnic in traditional Gujarati attire.

These two actresses are very close to each other and their bonding is quite evident not only on the sets and in the serial but also because Rupali keeps on sharing many clicks and videos with Alpana time and again.

In the serial Anupamaa, the focus is now on the dance academy and fights between Kavya and Anu. She is struggling to make her dance academy work. That is why some of the recent videos of Rupali are dedicated to dance practice sessions.

A few days ago, she shared a glimpse of how she rehearses with her team even when there is no music. The upcoming few episodes of Anupamaa will see that the struggle for Anu will increase further as she comes to know that the man who offered her Rs 20 lakh has duped her and now she owes him Rs 40 lakh.

On hearing this, Baa collapses and Vanraj rushes to take care of his mother. Kavya lashes at Anu and calls her Jahil and Gawar while Vanraj also gets furious and tells Anupamaa that now she will have to arrange the money herself. Anu is definitely trapped and does not have any other option but to take the help of Rakhi Dave who is very much eager to mold the situation to her advantage.