Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • BTS has faced many controversies since it became an international band.
  • Jungkook was criticized for not following social distancing norms last year in April.
  • Suga and RM were slammed for making misogynist statements.

BTS is delivering back-to-back hits and winning the hearts of pop music lovers across the world. With such a massive fan following and popularity, it is natural for the famous K-pop group to find themselves in the middle of some controversies now and then. Fortunately, the septets have managed to weather all the storms that have come their way until now.

One of the first controversies related to BTS was triggered when the South Korean group was just starting to make it big internationally. When their initial release I Need U song outsold famous names like Big Bang, the group found themselves being accused of manipulating the charts. However, the controversy died down soon as it became obvious that the success was not achieved by some illegal manipulation but because the band was gaining huge global recognition, which led to an increase in sales.

Several Twitter members accused RM of using their lines and forwarding them as his own on another occasion. Later on, RM accepted his mistake and said that he should have confirmed the source that inspired him to write.

Another controversy was triggered when Jimin wore a shirt that carried a controversial message connected with the Hiroshima bombing. The T-shirt worn by Jimin featured slogans related to Korean independence. It did not go down well with the nationalists in Japan as they thought that the slogans were celebrating the bombing which ultimately led to the freedom of the Korean peninsula from the rule of Japan. The controversy became so big that a Japanese TV show had to cancel the appearance of BTS on their national television.

The group was slammed heavily for objectifying women through their song War of Hormone that released in 2014. Critics blamed the K-pop group for being misogynist while RM and Suga were accused of making misogynistic statements. Another time, Jungkook attracted controversy when he failed to practice social distancing during the Corona pandemic in April 2020.

The singer was spotted hanging in Itaewon’s restaurant and bar with 97 liner squad and was criticized heavily for his outing. The matter closed only after his agency and Jungkok himself came out with an apology.